RECIPE @ The Vendue Hotel

So excited to be part of this!

My paintings in RECIPE are showing through October 2018 at the Vendue Hotel.   Eternally grateful to Sarah Miller, Emily Rigsby, Robert Lange Studios and The Vendue Hotel for this opportunity! 

Small Works Show

Get Well Soon @ The Southern


I am so excited to start off this holiday season by participating in a small works show. "Get Well Soon" has over 100 participating artists and 460 pieces displayed. Each piece is 5" x 7" on paper, ranging from $50 - $200. Charleston City Paper called the show "a cure for seasonal affective disorder." The show opened on Black Friday, allowing a shift of focus onto supporting local businesses and artists. (We) are the people that make this city a unique place. My personal highlight from the show was seeing Hollie Chastain's work also on display. I have followed Hollie for years, initially discovering her collage work on Pinterest. Her work always makes me SO happy.  I purchased her piece "Someone to Cheer You Up" as a reminder that anything is possible if you put in the work and put yourself out there! 

---> Here is the link to The Southern's gallery shop <---

Hollie Chastain, Someone To Cheer You Up, 5" x 7" collage on paper, 2017.&nbsp;

Hollie Chastain, Someone To Cheer You Up, 5" x 7" collage on paper, 2017. 

Meant To Be

One of my closest friends from growing up in Southern New Hampshire tied the knot earlier this month. It was such a beautiful evening full of love, friends, and laughs that will be remembered for years to come. I've waited until after the wedding to share the piece I made for their wedding gift. 

If you are interested in getting custom lettering for your business, home or for a special gift , please reach out via my contact page and share your idea! The holidays will be here before we know it! Hope you all have had a lovely September.

Thank you for reading xo


First Pattern

These past few weeks I have been trying to resolve what EXACTLY I feel most passionate about creating. Every day I have been dabbling in various creative projects including:


unique hand lettering

paper goods 

greeting card designs

original chalkboard paintings

original PATTERNS

Pattern creation is somewhat of an obsession of mind. I am addicted to shopping in all kinds of new and re-used item stores analyzing pattern, color and textures of fabric. When I find a color / pattern that SCREAMS "RACHAEL THIS IS SO YOU" there is nothing more satisfying than taking that item home. With this in mind, I have been more focused on trying to create personal work that is just that - personal. Colors I like, shapes I like, things I would purchase myself, things that I save for myself to constantly revisit for inspiration. All of these elements are how I made myself be decisive about what I was going to create today. 

I am extremely excited to share this creation. Here is what I would consider my first successful repeat pattern! I may have clapped upon its completion...... SO much excitement and inspiration overflowing in me. 

Thank you for viewing, and I hope you enjoy! xx

This was what my initial idea

This was what my initial idea

This is the original artwork - created in watercolor, gouache and graphite.&nbsp;

This is the original artwork - created in watercolor, gouache and graphite. 





Ginkgo Pattern with white background

Ginkgo Pattern with white background