The Park Cafe Upgrade

The Park Cafe will expand its dining room and add kitchen space with big summer renovation

Mary Scott Hardaway | Charleston City Paper

The Park Cafe, May 2019.

The Park Cafe, May 2019.

“You may have noticed the whimsically painted food truck outside The Park Cafe. The truck (which used to live at Pour House) will serve as a prep space for Park's kitchen staff over the summer during a much needed restaurant glow-up… McLaughlin says he got in touch with his friends at Artist & Craftsman to see if they could find someone to doll up the truck and they connected him with local artist Rachael Nerney

’She agreed to do it and I didn't see any of her work before then,’ says McLaughlin. Turns out, Nerney was already creating works that emulate the essence of the cafe — quirky still lifes of avocados, eggs, fresh fruit. ‘It was 100 percent perfect, serendipitous.’”

Watch the evolution of my hand painted food truck for The Park Cafe!